Helena Hettema presents a brand new course for school music pupils

Helena Hettema presents a brand new course for school music pupils

Award-winning singer, songwriter and actress, stage performer, Helena Hettema has created an original course for music students from Grade 10 to 12: ‘The World of the Performer – understanding and earning a living in the music industry” is presented in Powerpoint (59 slides) and includes the opportunity for relaxed interaction among those attending.

The course includes the following specific aspects of working as a performing artist ranging from discussion of the music industry value chain from the origin of the musical idea (composition) to the performance of the work, as well as the manufacturing and publishing of a CD.’

She also deals with various categories of music such as the structure of various styles of songwriting with examples provided by Helena on CD and guitar. She also discusses SAMRO, SAMPRA, CAPASSO en RISA (including copyright, earnings and radio stations.). She concludes with CD manufacture and looks at Deezer, Spotify, YouTube and iTunes.

The course was recently presented with great success to Grade 12 music students at Pretoria High School for Girls (her old school). After the first presentation, they asked her to present the second part of “Performance” to Grade 11 students.

Here the focus falls more on music styles. YouTube clips of artists and analysis of the artist’s performances as such. Voice and physical exercises are also dealt with and the realities of the industry as well as the qualities needed for performance, using the stage and other practical aspects. Students each do a performance (instrumental or vocal) and these are analysed by fellow students … almost like “The Voice”.

Helena put the course together because she perceived a gap and a need in the performing arts with regard to the practical aspects involved in earning a living as a performer. She got the idea during lockdown last year when she was asked to judge a country-wide competition “Project Performer” presented by Shylo Pereira (drama, singing, instrumental and dance), together with Delia Sainsbury and the head of the Drakensberg Children’s Choir (among others).

Contact details: on w.App 0834953161 or joanhettema9@gmail.com