The Bridge

The Bridge
The Bridge
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THE BRIDGE – 2002 – (currently unavailable except on Spotify, Deezer and iTunes)

This is a CD recording of a live show, The Bridge which was nominated for three FNB Vita Awards. It features

artists such as Eartha Kitt (Old Fashioned Girl), Joan of Arc (Leonard Cohen), Ballad of Lucy Jordan (Marianne

Faithful), Tolbos in die Wind (Helena Hettema original), From a Distance (Bette Midler) and one of Judy Collins’s

many folk songs, I think it’s Gonna Rain Today. In this CD Helena tells personal stories about her life.

Press Comment:

“ Helena’s (live show CD) The Bridge explores the crossing of bridges between the past and the future to self-realisation in the present … characters from different social backgrounds … Joan of Arc (Leonard Cohen), an autistic child in My Funny Valentine create an unusual reflection of emotions…” Hermanus Times