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WOORD-ENGEL CD – 2014 -Available

Woord-Engel, an original soulful and spiritually nuanced original Afrikaans CD was recorded at César’s Sound

studios in Pretoria in 2014. It features the original poetry (lyrics) of Azette Wiesner set to music by the well-known singer/songwriter, Lize Stassen. The poetry was inspired by the tragic and unexpected loss of Azette’s husband. Out of the 12 tracks, two – Stillenag & Boetabee feature the Bronberg Children’s Choir.

The recording features the following musicians: Ruan Ruthvin (Piano/Arrangements); Pierre Schneehage (Bass Guitar); Rick Barnard (Acoustic Guitar); Tibron Gyon (Drums); César d’Almeida (Acoustic Guitar and Ukelele; Etienne Meintjies (Keyboard); Peter Farrington (Accordion/Keyboard; Johan Viljoen (violin) and Helena on all vocals and harmonies. A live show of this evocative CD that was released with the coffee-table book in 2014 at the state-of-the-art Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria featured backtracks and live piano by David Jooste and guitarist Rick Barnard. At the show the Bronberg Choir was featured with guest artists reading Azette’s poetry against a backdrop of black and white images. Helena sang all the songs at the show and was also responsible for the script and direction.