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Music Courses during lockdown holidays.

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“The Show Must Go On”….. INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP CLASSES (via Zoom or Whatsapp or small classes)
Presented by Helena Hettema


Craig Jack Lewis – Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter and Entertainer

1. FINDING YOUR VOICE – Performance and vocal training (All Ages) – 2-day course.
D1.*Vocal technique* exercises*performance/stage coaching.
D2. Final performance: Backtrack, props, costume a.k.a “THE VOICE” judging panel. Sound system and live stream video provided. Price: R350 per day (Duration 3 hours p/day. H&C)

2. The wonderful world of the performer – Grade 11 and 12 Music Students – 59 slide PowerPoint and Student interaction. Individual zoom classes or webinar meeting -Joining Samro, Sampra, Risa and Capasso to understand the process from composition/songwriting to publishing and manufacturing to radio/digital platforms and receiving royalties. Price: R300 (Duration 90 minutes H)

3. Understanding Music (10+ to 100 +) – The mathematics of music structure, understanding the practical application onto the neck of the guitar. Price R200 (Duration 60 minutes C)

4.Teach your children well – Family music lessons at home – Interactive fun with your little children from 5+. Clapping, marching singing and making a family song. Price R300 per family (Duration 60 minutes H&C)

5. Little Stars (aged 6 to 10) – Fun music and drama exercises. Listening to music, creating words and drawings, reciting poems and singing songs with percussive instruments. FUN FUN FUN Price R 300(family discount) (Duration 90 minutes H)

6. Guitar lessons ( Age 7+ to 97 +) – Personal instruction on all modules of the full guitar course”Understanding Music” ( Whatsapp and Zoom included) – Beginner to advanced, Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Reggae. Price R200 (Duration +- 45 minutes C)